You CAN Win More!

Do you win your reasonable share of the tenders you submit?  After all the effort you put in, losing makes you feel you're just wasting your time.  A pain in the ……

Yes you can win more tenders Would you like to win more tenders, proposals or quotations?

Read on.

You commit to the endless hours required to respond to a tender, try to unravel the complexity of the documentation and analyse the requirements.  For what?  An "unsuccessful" notice!.

Why is it so?

  • You just can't put your finger on where you are going wrong with your tender preparation; or
  • You are short of time and could do with some assistance; or
  • Maybe you are new to bid preparation, have a trade background and don't know where to start.

Responding to requests for tenders, proposals or quotations can be very demanding, not to say frustrating, and time consuming.  

You may feel it takes you away from your real job, doing what you do best.  But you know you have to keep submitting to stay in business.  

Why not get assistance?

If it is government you are tendering to almost invariably the agency will tell you they are seeking "Value for Money".  But what do they mean by that and how do they determine it?  At times convoluted and uncommercial contract requirements discourage business from bidding for government work.

Bid preparation and completing successful tenders requires more than filling in all the boxes.  That meets the requirements for compliance.  They almost always require you to comply, and failure to comply means you don't get any further consideration.

But you must also be persuasive.  You must remove any possible objection to your business being awarded the contra

ct and give them every reason why they SHOULD contract you.  Demonstrate what makes you different, and better.  After all the one thing you don't want is to have the decision made on price alone.  That does nothing but squeeze margins.  A race to the bottom.

Competing on Price alone can be very unhealthy for your bottom line!


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Win valuable contracts

Typically tenders (RFT) are required by Government agencies.  Businesses are more likely to request a Proposal (RFP) or Quotation (RFQ).  All require you to submit an offer.

Preparing bids of whatever type can take up a lot of time, and the more complex the requirement, the more time it takes.  Your response to each requirement needs to be specific; assessors will spot a generalisation designed to hide a lack of capability or whatever straight away.  Generalisations do little for your credibility.

Because you must write to reassure and persuade, bid preparation, tender response, call it what you will, is more than just compliance.  The ability to write effective tenders and proposals is an essential business skill.  Despite this, and probably because most businesses are built on the technical skills of the owners, it is uncommon.

Years of submitting major proposals and tenders, of running tender training workshops, of coaching and mentoring has shown me plenty of otherwise excellent business owners and managers who struggle with tendering.  They struggle because they haven't had the opportunity to gain tendering skills.  All their time has been spent acquiring their technical skills and building their business.

Perhaps that is why you are perhaps less successful than you would like?  You haven't had the chance to acquire the writing and presentation skills necessary to move your tenders and bids beyond merely compliance to being persuasive and differentiating you from your competitors. 

Or you feel you haven't had the time to properly prepare the tender.

You change that!

Contracts are won on more than price.  They are won on the quality of the submission, one that removes any doubts or objections the agency may have about your ability to do the job on time, to budget.  They are won on a submission that makes you stand out from the competition.

Being able to write a winning tender or proposal is essential and mistakes can bring you undone.
Writing tenders and proposals that persuade customers to choose you over others is difficult, time-consuming and a skill.

Tenders and bid preparation probably are not your core business

But you can do better!  What would that mean for you?

It is one thing to submit a tender which merely complies, but the difference between a persuasive tender, and a compliant one can make a significant difference to your business.

Whichever way tenders take time and resources.  You and your teams can spend endless hours preparing and submitting tenders.  It is not just the cost of that time, it is the opportunity cost of the time which could have been spent on more profitable endeavours if you lose.  A big effort for no return.

And if that result keeps occurring then you have only two choices, get better or get out.

Now we don't know your current success rate for tenders but I am sure that if you could improve that rate by say 33% your business would be on a much sounder footing.  

Winning contracts can provide you a much need infusion of cash and a boost to your business.

There is a Solution

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Get a competitive advantage.  

Take advantage of our expert knowledge and proven track record to coach you or assist you write your tender.  You know your business; nobody knows it like you do.  My expertise and your technical skills may provide a winning combination.

For more than twenty years I have been assisting companies improve their tendering through training workshops and more recently webinars, coaching and mentoring, building on the experience I first gained as Marketing Manager – International & Civil with Hawker de Havilland Australia Pty. Ltd.

And clients also ask me to write tenders for them.

Do I make a difference? 
Certainly my clients think so!

59 M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks

We finished painting all 59 M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks and 7 M88A2 Armoured Recovery Vehicles with Disruptive Pattern Paint in early December.  All went well.  Once again thanks for your help in preparing the tender for the Abrams contract. I couldn't have done it without your help & support.
Peter Boscato,  V. Boscato & Co Pty. Ltd.

As always Adams contribution and assistance was invaluable

Late in 2008 our company needed to prepare a very complex RFT reply to the NT Dept of Health and Families in a short amount of time.  We were the only Northern Territory company bidding against a very strong group of interstate competitors, one of whom had held the contract for nearly 8 years.

As always Adams contribution and assistance was invaluable as he shared his experience and wisdom, helping us produce a very professional and appropriate response.

Our company was successful in winning this three year $2M contract.  I am very grateful to Adam for the mentoring and consulting he has supplied to our company and am pleased to recommend his services to anyone.

Trevor Riessen AFAIM, Managing Director, Medical Equipment Management Australia Pty Ltd

We've now won substantial contracts over the last 3 months!

I would like to have more training sessions with you as I found the last training session extremely informative and beneficial.  David and I have won 7 contracts in the last 6 weeks (we have one more left at procurement) and things are flat out but fantastic!!!  This time last year I was stressing that I didn't have much work on – now I have more than I can poke a stick at!!!

Kylie Colman   Quality Constructions & Maintenance, Yarrawonga

I put the great result solely to the professionalism and dedication of Adam

I am one of three partner companies who formed an alliance to tender for a large Northern Territory wide remote location contact.  The size of the contract was over $1 million dollars.  The contract is by far the largest contract offered in my industry with in the Northern Territory.

Adam was tasked to compile the tender.  He constructed what I would regard as the most professional tender document I have ever seen.

As a result of his outstanding efforts the tender was submitted with full approval of all three alliance companies.  We were awarded the contract which was the first time in 12 years the contract had been awarded to a new company.  I put the great result solely to the professionalism and dedication of Adam during the entire process.
Tim Lambert, Director, Top End Pest Control

Would you like assistance?

Imagine being free of the burden of tendering while improving your strike rate. We can help you with:  

Guidance and advice – We review the RFT, make suggestions on how to structure your response, provide guidance on how to submit a persuasive response to maximise your chance of winning.

Tender Review – once you have completed your draft we review the draft and make recommendations for any opportunities for improvement prior to submission.

Coaching and mentoring – We review past successful and unsuccessful tenders and develop recommendations on how you may improve your responses.  

Drafting tenders – now we don't have your technical skills or know your company as well as you do, but we can draft professional tenders with the assistance of your technical expertise.  While I'm doing that, you can get on with running your business.

Training – We run workshops and can develop workshops to meet your specific requirements.  We also offer the convenience of webinars.

Company Profiles – an indispensable supporting document for tenders and bids is a good company profile that contains all the information you need to draw upon for your tender response.  I can assist by drafting a good company profile.

Grant applications – many of the rules that apply to good tendering and bid preparation apply to submitting grant applications.  I have successfully drafted grant applications for a number of not-for-profit organisations and private companies.

Take advantage of my free one-hour consultation to discuss how I can help you.

There is one thing you may be assured of:

We will not ever engage in a Conflict of Interest.  If you engage us in relation to a specific RFT, RFP or RFQ we will not accept an engagement from any other business for that specific bid.  Nor will we engage in any form Dutch Auction.  If you are the first to engage us, that's it.  No other requests will be considered.

Why not Contact me for a one hour consultation to discuss your needs?