You know how government contracts can give you stable, guaranteed business, something you can build on. But it is a pain in the arse to win one.

I wrote about the opportunities in "Are You Missing Out on Lucrative Opportunities?"

You may well have reached a point where you can’t go past the current size of your business. And you continue to get stressed and burnt out.

Do you have to accept that this is all that is ahead for your business? Continuing the stressful struggle to stay where you are. That your business is not going to grow beyond this point.

It doesn’t have to be this way! You can win such contracts, And it might be much simpler than you thought.

Let me take you back a bit. Back in the late 1970s, when I was International Marketing Manager of aerospace company Hawker de Havilland Australia Pty. Ltd., tasked with bidding and negotiating aerospace contracts with US and British aerospace companies, my job depended on winning these contracts.

There was no template to follow, but I finally figured it out how to successfully prepare such responses.

I’ve been writing government tenders for years since then for my business, plus conducting “Tendering Essentials” workshops, as well as undertaking numerous one-on-one coaching sessions, and helping many clients write tenders.

These past 12 years I’ve helped clients win over $25 million in government contracts.

I’ve taken my winning approach and turned it into an online course, “TenderWins – The Tender Winning Formula”.

This course is for you if you are business which:

  • Would like to crack the government market, but don't know how to do so.
  • Continually tender for these contracts, but don't win many.
  • Can't afford to lose a government contract which underpins your business

The TenderWins online course will help participants develop the skills to submit well presented, compliant and persuasive responses so that they win more tenders, without stress or feeling under pressure.

They will discover responding to tenders is no longer a complex, unclear burden, nor costly and demanding. They will learn how to prepare for, analyse and persuasively respond to tender requirements. Winning more tenders will take the stress out of their life.

Let me quickly go over how exactly TenderWins is going to work.

The first Module will be available online on Monday 29th July at 6.00 am AEST, and continuing with weekly Modules at the same day and time each week for a total of [4] classes, with our last class commencing 19th April. There will always be an activity to complete.

Each Module will be followed every Thursday by an online Q & A session in which you can ask me questions you may have, and share the experiences of the group.

For our Q & A session we’ll be using an online video conferencing program for all of the calls, and you can access the meetings with the link I’ll send.

And shortly after the call, you’ll get access to the recordings as well.

Then there's the real work, which gets done “before” the Q & A calls, following release of each week’s lesson material on Monday - that's when you apply the lessons you’ve learned, complete and submit your assignments, and ask me any further questions. We can discuss your response to the assignment on the Q & A, but you may wish to contact me before then.

I’ll do everything I can to support you, but there's no way around it: in order to make this program successful for you, you have to DO THE WORK. Then you will know you’re making progress.

There will be one more task for you. We’ll be using a Case Study throughout the course. It would be ideal if you could use an unsuccessful tender or major quotation to practice on. I’ll have a back-up for you, but it would mean more for you using your own example.

Let me know if you would like to have a chat about it.

The cost is only $497, a pittance compared to the value of on-going Government contracts.

Each lesson is an action step that helps bring you closer to your ideal outcome. The course is simple, structured and achievable.

Modules will cover:

  • Preparation
  • Planning
  • Determining your Win Strategy
  • Pricing
  • Presentation & Submission
  • Post submission

As an added bonus, you will get free access to the full course, which will be priced at $1,497 once it is launched.

You can win more tenders– and there is no reason why you shouldn’t do so. Follow the formula I teach, and turn frustration, stress and time into celebration and profits, as my clients have. I brought them through the exact steps and skills that I’m going to be teaching.

The cost is only $497 and here’s the link to PayPal -

Once you pay, you will get a link to the course so you can register.

Kind Regards,

Adam Gordon

PS – My results show that you can win that government tender, even though you have struggled in the past. My experience, my results, with past clients have shown that you can win key contracts. “TenderWins – The TenderWinning Formula” can help you do that.

If you are struggling, then you should the Pilot. If you are tired of pulling your hair out, then you can make life so much easier for yourself by enrolling in this course.