But, it must be practised!

There’s an old saying “Business is what, if you don’t have, you go out of”.

It is an apt saying for a small businessman who recently contacted me for assistance in winning a government tender. Bill (not his real name) largely relied on being a sub-contractor to two bigger businesses – but both unexpectedly took that away, expanding their operations into Bill’s field.

Another old saying is “the most dangerous number in business is ONE”, as in one market, or one product. In Bills case it was two. And it had been a very cost relationship for a long time. Bill had no need to market or sell, just be a good operator in his field. But in the end that was not enough.

He did know there were a good, on-going contracts around through government, but Bill had never worried about them. He never had to. Now he did, but tendering to acquire such contracts was a skill he had yet to acquire.

Jim had a similar lack, but was in different position. Young and ambitious, with a growing business, he set his sights on winning a major government contract as a flagship for his business. But like Bill, had had never crafted a tender. The road ahead was very foggy.

Both had a common aim, but with a common lack of experience in tendering. They both seek to transform their business.

What they were after, why would tendering solve their problem?

Government tenders can be important to a small business. A government contract can provide a solid base to your business, stability of income, and help stimulate growth. This is even more so with contracts that run for a couple of years, with the option for an extension.

Are you in that position – vulnerable if you lose a couple of key markets? Or are you planning on a new direction, and want to establish a solid base for growth?

Submitting tenders for new business opportunities is a ‘no brainer’ when it comes to small business growth.

As I posted in my last article, Are you Missing Out on Lucrative Contracts, “businesses are losing out on lucrative projects as they are not submitting for work through government tenders.

In particular it is SMEs that are not recognising the ongoing opportunities for business projects, and these opportunities span across all industries and sectors.”

My message in that post was that having great technical skills is not enough to win such contracts. Nor is discounting. Price is but one factor, and rarely the most important. You need to be able to draft persuasive and compelling responses that demonstrate you are the only logical choice for the contract.

And that means learning a new skill, just as Bill and Jim are doing.

When you master that skill, you remove a key barrier to the growth of your business. You now have options for the road ahead. The fog stars to clear.

But there is more to it than just learning the skill. Remember, tendering is one of those skills in which you have to keep improving, because the competition is also looking to continually get better, and times are getting tougher, despite the opportunities.

It’s a mistake to leave it until you have a tender opportunity in front of you. Tender turnaround times are becoming increasingly truncated. You can have as little as 10 working days to complete a response, and usually no more than three to four weeks.

My “TenderWins – The Tender Winning Formula” online course, which I am running initially as a Pilot Course to fine tune delivery, is what you need.

Imagine having pushed the ‘Submit button’ and being quietly confident about your response, and not having to have spent late, stressful night putting your tender together.

Like a good football team, learn the winning moves, and keep practicing them so they become second nature. Practice makes perfect.

Bill and Jim are preparing to be in a winning position.

Take the Next Step

How many more times do you want to submit a tender without getting the results you want, or need? How much more time do you want to spend over trying to figure this out, when the Tender Winning Formula can give you the answers.

My experience, my results, with past clients have shown that you can win key contracts. “TenderWins – The Tender Winning Formula” can help you do that.

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Adam Gordon
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