Here’s what to do about it

An interesting article online from DynamicBusiness suggested:

“Businesses are losing out on lucrative projects as they are not submitting for work through government tenders.

In particular it is SMEs that are not recognising the ongoing opportunities for business projects, and these opportunities span across all industries and sectors.”

The article went on to say:

There is a broad range of work available from maintenance, marketing, to building and consultancy – and everything in between” says Darren Frearson, the founder of Australian Anti-Corruption Certification Register (the country’s first national register of businesses that have certified to be corruption free).

According to Darren, smaller businesses are assuming that they will be unsuccessful due to their size. There is potentially a feeling that they cannot compete with larger scale businesses when in reality there is no minimum requirement for company size.

It can be a great income stream for SMEs, without any lead generation required.

There is a significant amount of untouched opportunity throughout all tiers of government including federal, state and local.

With most advertisements available to view and respond to online, there is no excuse for small businesses not to find the projects relevant to them.”

Now this may not be for you, but as the article suggests, it can be a lucrative market across a broad range of activities. There is almost certainly an opportunity for you.

Do you tender for government work?

  • If you do, are you successful? If not, what is impeding you?
  • If you don’t seek good government contracts – what holds you back?

Is the road block concern that you can’t compete against the big boys? You can you know – a number of times I’ve worked with small local businesses where the incumbent contract holder has been a large national company, and we’ve managed to take it off them.

It can be done!

Or is the problem that while you have great technical skills, after all, that is how you built your business, but you haven’t had the opportunity to learn how to submit compelling, persuasive tender responses? And yes, it can be stressful, and hard work.

Tendering is one of those skills in which you have to keep improving, because the competition is also looking to continually get better, and times are getting tougher, despite the opportunities.

It’s a mistake to leave it until you have a tender opportunity in front of you. Tender turnaround times are becoming increasingly truncated. You can have as little as 10 working days to complete a response, and usually no more than three to four weeks.

I’ve now been writing government tenders for years for my business, plus helping many clients write them, as well as undertaking numerous one-on-one coaching sessions, running webinars on tendering, and conducting Tendering Essentials workshops for many years.

What I have learnt is the importance of preparation and planning, how to avoid a ME – ME response, how to use a Value Proposition, how to write persuasively, why presentation is important, the role of review, and more.

Because you must write to reassure and persuade, bid preparation, tender response, call it what you will, is more than just compliance. Your ability to write effective tenders and proposals is an essential business skill. Despite this, and probably because most businesses, like yours, are built on the technical skills of their owners, it is uncommon.

It has bothered me for a long time that there are so many business owners like you missing out on sales opportunities or are not able to seize those opportunities simply because they don’t have the skills to write effective tenders in response to requests for tender, and frequently resort to discounting to win the job.

Yet price can be worth as little as 10% in the overall assessment criteria. So you may not be winning the contract, even through you may be the cheapest. You may have been undercutting your own prices to get your foot in the door.

If you had understood all the other factors they consider you could have painted yourself in the best possible light.

And that is just why I developed my “TenderWins – The Tender Winning Formula” online course, which I am running initially as a Pilot Course to fine tune delivery.

Imagine having pushed the ‘Submit button’ and being quietly confident about your response, and not having to have spent late, stressful night putting your tender together.

If you are interested in:

  • Learning how to prepare for, analyse and persuasively respond to tender requirements
  • Developing the skills to submit well presented, compliant and compelling responses
  • Winning more tenders, without stress or feeling under pressure

my Pilot Course is for you

Turn pain into pleasure! If you don’t take up this opportunity, what is life going to look like when it comes to that next tender opportunity? Will it look any different?

Take the Next Step

How many more times do you want to submit a tender without getting the results you want, or need? How much more time do you want to spend over trying to figure this out, when the Tender Winning Formula can give you the answers.

My experience, my results, with past clients have shown that you can win key contracts. “TenderWins – The Tender Winning Formula” can help you do that.

If you are tired of wasting more time and not winning those tenders or getting the results you want, then contact me right now – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and type “I’m interested” into the subject line, and I’ll contact you.

Adam Gordon