Give yourself the best possible chance with your bid

Get rid of the nagging fear that you may have missed something in in your response, or misinterpreted a requirement or prepared a poorly presented tender.  

An outside view of your tender will identify issues that you may miss because you are too close.
You may know that you are a strong contender in a competitive field and have a good track record but also know that an outside perspective will spot anomalies that are missed in-house.

Or you may not be so experienced and would like an expert to review your tender, its approach, structure and presentation.  This may particularly apply where you know your technical side is good and you believe you have met all the compliance requirements but are less sure of the persuasive elements that are so necessary to make you stand out from the competition.

Once you have completed your draft I review the draft and make recommendations for any opportunities for improvement prior to submission.  This may involve specific elements of your response, editing, and proof reading and polishing.

Give yourself the best possible chance with your bid.

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