ATTENTION: Are you a business owner seeking government contracts - Is this for you?

You Can Win Valuable Contracts - Even if you’ve never won one before!

Did you start your business because of your good technical skills, but seem unable to win the government contracts you need to grow your business and give it stability? With your skills you should be a shoe-in for getting more government contracts right? But instead you find yourself frustrated, tired, and intimidated.

Does the time required to complete government tender documentation so that it complies with the stringent paperwork requirements grate with you, despite knowing that if you don’t comply, you don’t make it past first base?

Are you sick of the stress that comes with drafting a persuasive, detailed, competitive tender response, and getting it in on time?

And you know just keeping cutting your price is the road to failure.

Does this resonate with you? There has to be a better way!

It’s not your fault. Perhaps you have never had the opportunity to learn how to prepare for, analyse and understand tender documents.

I understand - I’ve been there!

My name is Adam Gordon, and I’ve had to learn how to draft persuasive and compliant tenders the hard way.

As International Marketing Manager at Hawker de Havilland Australia Pty. Ltd. in the mid-to-late1970s I was tasked with bidding and negotiating aerospace contracts with US and British aerospace companies.

The problem I had was that, while I had mentoring from those who had been before me, there was no structured training or framework on which to build my responses. I was stressed out always. The pain you go through when completing major tender responses I do understand.

But I learnt – I had to, my job depended on it.

My tender responses were transformed by four major steps I learnt, and applied. And that transformation included winning a major sub-contract with a large American aerospace company that ultimately ran for twenty years.
Now I’m able to help clients win more than 60% of tenders they submit, and to do so in half the time and stress.

I couldn't have done it without your help & support

We finished painting all 59 M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks and 7 M88A2 Armoured Recovery Vehicles with Disruptive Pattern Paint in early December. All went well. Once again thanks for your help in preparing the tender for the Abrams contract. I couldn't have done it without your help & support. Peter Boscato, V. Boscato & Co Pty. Ltd.

Because you must write to reassure and persuade, bid preparation, tender response, call it what you will, is more than just compliance. The ability to write effective tenders and proposals is an essential business skill. Despite this, and probably because most businesses, like yours, are built on the technical skills of the owners, it is uncommon.

While many people are willing to have a go at writing their own tenders, unskilled responses carry a multitude of commercial and legal risks. You can change this.

Here’s what I learnt, that works for me, and my clients, and I want to offer you. You shouldn’t do this alone.

  • the importance of preparation and planning,
  • how to avoid a ME – ME response,
  • how to use a Value Proposition,
  • how to write persuasively, and
  • why presentation is important.

Your Opportunity

My challenge is to help businesses transform their response to Government Tenders over four weeks, so that their business becomes the only logical choice for tenders they respond to through a four week online tender course – TenderWins.

This is the information and framework I wish I had when I was struggling to submit complex responses to major Requests for Proposals to US and British aerospace companies.

To develop compliant, persuasive responses we will look at:

  • Preparation - 10 Common Mistakes in Tendering – and how to overcome them, Understanding the Assessment Process, determining whether you are ‘tender ready’, how to make a more systematic Bid/no Bid decision (why waste time on a bid you have no chance of winning)
  • Planning Your Response – reviewing the key elements of a Tender, demonstrating you understand the Requirement, how to analyse the RFT & the Assessment Criteria, preparing your Project Plan, assessing your Resources, determining your “Win” strategy, and how to overcome the client’s Objections
  • Pricing - What to include in calculating your Price, determining your Minimum Acceptable Price, how to demonstrate Value for Money, preparing a Cash Flow Projection (you don’t want to run out of money while delivering)
  • Presentation and Submission - what makes a presentation persuasive, the Importance of Layout, tender Writing Tips, the use of Images, and why they are important, the importance of Editing and review, and why a review of you process is so important.

This is how the TenderWins course will be conducted:

  • There will be four weekly modules. This will include a video presentation, plus course notes and practical exercises
  • You will be using a Case Study for the practical exercises. Ideally this would be an unsuccessful tender you have submitted. That will be more meaningful for you. If you don’t have an existing RFT you can work on; I will supply one.
  • Each weekly Module will be followed every Thursday by an online Q & A session in which you can ask me questions you may have, and share the experiences of the group.
  • You will also have direct access to me by phone and email throughout the course, and for four weeks after the course finishes.

I'll do everything that I can to meet and exceed your expectations, by helping you develop the skills and systems to consistently write persuasive and successful government tenders that win more tenders, and without stress and late nights.

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to transform your response to Government and Government-related Tenders over four weeks, so that your business becomes the only logical choice for tenders you respond to.

Don’t spend years learning through good and bad experiences the skills I can help you develop over four weeks.

But don’t take my word for it.

Listen to what some of my most successful clients have to say….

Adam compiled and constructed what I would regard as the most professional tender document I have ever seen.

I am one of three partner companies who formed an alliance to tender for a large Northern Territory wide remote location contact. The size of the contract was over $1 million dollars, by far the largest offered in my industry within the Northern Territory.
Adam acted well beyond the scope of work we had contracted him to do. He maintained a highly professional approach to his work even when navigating around sensitive issues generated by the three alliance companies and at times was the glue that held the alliance together. Whilst dealing with external factors Adam was able to extract the relevant information needed from three alliance members, then compile and construct what I would regard as the most professional tender document I have ever seen.
As a result of his outstanding efforts the tender was submitted with full approval of all three alliance companies. We were awarded the contract which was the first time in 12 years the contract had been awarded to a new company. I put the great result solely to the professionalism and dedication of Adam during the entire process. Tim Lambert, Director, Top End Pest Control

As always, Adams contribution and assistance was invaluable

Our company needed to prepare a very complex RFT reply to the NT Dept. of Health and Families in a short amount of time. We were the only Northern Territory company bidding against a very strong group of interstate competitors, one of whom had held the contract for nearly 8 years.
As always Adams contribution and assistance was invaluable as he shared his experience and wisdom, helping us produce a very professional and appropriate response.
Our company was successful in winning this three year, $2M contract. I am very grateful to Adam for the mentoring and consulting he has supplied to our company and am pleased to recommend his services to anyone.
Trevor Riessen AFAIM, Managing Director, Medical Equipment Management Australia Pty Ltd

We've now won substantial contracts over the last 3 months!

So things are going well, would love to win more though!! I would like to have more training sessions with you as I found the last training session extremely informative and beneficial.
Well, I have been absolutely flat out! David and I have won 7 contracts in the last 6 weeks (we have one more left at Procurement) and things are flat out but fantastic!!! This time last year I was stressing that I didn't have much work on – now I have more than I can poke a stick at!!!   Kylie Colman Quality Constructions & Maintenance, Yarrawonga

Invest a Little to Gain a Lot

For just $497 I will help you develop the skills to win more Government and government-related tenders with less stress in half the time.

Think about the average value of tenders you submit, and the potential Gross Profits from those tenders. For example, a $250,000 contract with a 33% Gross Margin would yield you $82,500. Even one more would be very worthwhile!
Remember, as well as the weekly 1-hour Q & A group session with me, you will have direct access to me for questions at any time during the course, and for a further 4 weeks after completion of the course.

You will use the information you are given in a practical sense. As they say – “use it, or lose it!”

Can I guarantee you will win more?

Of course I can’t. At this stage I don’t know you, or your competition.

But what I can guarantee is that you will be submitting greatly improved tender responses.
And it will take less stress, time and effort. You will understand the process, and what you have to keep working on to improve.

In preparing this course I have drawn on many years of practical experience, writing tenders for my own business, writing tenders for other businesses, running tendering workshops, delivering tendering webinars, and coaching.

Why not make this the very next thing you do?

Give yourself a clear competitive advantage in your market. Your competition is unlikely to doing this. They will be submitting a stock standard, dull tender, with no point of difference.

You will be drafting tenders around a clear value proposition that addresses the Client’s “hot buttons” and demonstrates your clear capacity and capability to meet the client’s requirements, so that you are the only logical choice.

Take advantage of my expert knowledge and proven track record to coach you or assist you write your tender. You know your business; nobody knows it like you do. My expertise and your technical skills may provide a winning combination.

And I will only be working with no more than ten people in any one course, so you can get personal attention.

Remember, I’m only taking 10 people into this Pilot so secure your spot right NOW.

P.S.  Are you sick of the time required to submit a persuasive, compliant tender?
Transform your response to Government and Government-related Tenders over four weeks, so that your business becomes the only logical choice for tenders you respond to by joining me on my TenderWins Pilot program, a 4-week onlinecourse to improve your response to government tenders, while taking the time and stress out of the process.